Exposition activity

February 27 in high school of Orazak village an exhibition "Deported Peoples of Kazakhstan" was organized.

March 27 at a branch of Moscow State University after Lomonosov an exhibition "Women of ALZHIR "with a demonstration of the film" Ravenous" was organized.

April 25 an exhibition "Big truth in short life" and the film "Alikhan and Mustafa" were organized in Karaotkel village.

June 1 an exhibition "Tears of Children" dedicated to the descendants of the “ALZHIR women” was held.

July 1 a thematic exhibition "History, Time and Era” was opened in the lecture hall of the museum.

July 2 -15 an exhibition of works of artists from Karaganda Abylkasimov M., S. Shkuratski, A. Osipenko, subjected to political repression in 1937-1938, was held.

July 18 an exhibition "Honored Men of Golden Alash” timed to 90th anniversary of Alash government was organized in the Republican Guard of Kazakhstan.

August 30 a temporary exhibition to the Constitution Day was held in the museum.

October 12 the museum staff organized an exhibition "Women of ALZHIR" in the cinema "Arsenal" on the day of presentation of "The Gift to Stalin" movie.

December 4 the museum staff organized an exhibition “Hardships of Cruel Years” in L.M. Gumilyov Eurasian National University.

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